I was tasked with creating a several videos and audio narratives to be used by The Friends of Tryon Creek in their online promotions to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the park's creation.
What made this project unique was that, due to the pandemic, I had to use a combination of new video footage that I shot at the park with older footage and audio recordings that I had recorded a few years ago.
Also, since the park couldn't hold it's annual childrens’ summer day camp, I had to create a video which helped to let parents know of alternative online activities that Tryon Creek State Park created.
The video exists with and without narration.
The Summer Day Camp Videos
No audio version
The poetic narration version originally submitted.
The Audio Narratives

Below are the audio histories created for this project. The audio is taken from a get together of neighbors some of whom were also  the Founders of The Friends of Tryon Creek and the Park.
The challenge of this part of the project was editing out random room noises (teacup sounds, chatter, and a child standing too close to the mic) and then boiling the audio down to a few short narratives.
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