Your best salesmen are happy clients. 

Here's a few words from mine.
“Over the past twelve years, Ed Flynn of Better Wear a Hat Creative Services has been my one-stop shop in helping me expand RAND’s marketing and promotional efforts. Among the many projects Ed has worked on for us are print and banner ads, website and blog design, sales and marketing handouts, email marketing campaigns, logo design, and videos, as well as photo editing, programming, coding, and miscellaneous design and technical fixes. 
Ed’s conceptual talent coupled with his design and technical expertise has been invaluable to me as RAND’s Marketing Director. He not only has the ability to take my vague, loosely formed ideas and develop them into creative and workable solutions, he also comes up with even better approaches that go well beyond the initial concept.  Just one example of many is Ed’s design for our RAND on the Run T-shirt, which was nominated for Most Creative Design in the J.P. Morgan Corporate Challenge T-shirt competition and was the pride of the RAND team. Ed also created a cool “enhanced reality” video that launches when the design is scanned, adding a unique dimension to the shirt I would not have thought of.
Regardless of how much work I throw at him, Ed turns it around quickly and with the highest quality. His creative vision and easy-going personality make the back-and-forth collaboration on projects insightful, productive, and fun, and the finished product never fails to impress. Simply put, Ed makes me, and RAND, look good.
Beyond his creative abilities, Ed is a consummate professional who always has RAND’s best interests at heart. He is constantly exploring new programs, applications, approaches, and technologies and suggesting ways we can use them to better market our services and enhance our relationship with clients. And when I need Ed in a pinch, no matter how tight the deadline or challenging the task, he always comes through. For example, when RAND’s office was closed for a week after Hurricane Sandy, Ed worked while on his vacation to update RAND’s website every day so we could keep our clients informed during a difficult time. I am reassured having Ed in RAND’s corner.”
Peter Scallion
Marketing Director
RAND Engineering & Architecture, DPC

"I first met Ed when I joined the photo retouching department at FCB NY. We worked together for years in the elite group of top digital artists in one of the most famous advertising agencies of all time. In the Last 2 decades I have hired Ed for dozens of projects. He really is the best of the best. When I left the art world to open my own business, I had Ed design my company website, which simply blows away the sites of my competition."
Bill Costello
Precision Dent Repair

“There are businesses that allow for human error. That have the time to review and reflect on an idea's execution. That communicate changes and adjustments in a single concise voice. I do not work in one of those businesses. I need confusing instructions executed immediately with no errors. And then I need it done again, and again, all day long, endlessly and relentlessly. The employees that deliver this curious and extraordinary quality to me I not only appreciate, but trust. I trust Ed Flynn. He is a perfect combination of open minded and absolutely focused, allowing a creative flow that is always enhancing the core essence of the final product.”
Jd Michaels,
SVP Director Tactile Production + Creative Engineering
BBDO New York

“I have worked with Ed Flynn since the 90's. He has always been the consummate professional always on the cutting edge of trends and technology, never leaving the work undone even if he's had to work late hours. Ed always ensures he understands every detail and parameter of a project and more than often lends strategy and value added process towards a streamlined delivery. I would recommend Ed Flynn highly for graphic design and imaging efforts.”
Jose Andrade
Vice President - Director of Interactive Technology

“I think you did a great job with the updating of the website. I really do appreciate your efforts. It just looks great. And it works!”
Bruce Frigeri
Lifesize Entertainment

“Edward Flynn of “Better Wear a Hat” is a New York transplant with a sensibility that blends seamlessly with the Portland aesthetic. He is an immensely talented individual that astounds with the range of abilities that he possesses. Ed is an amazing artist in his own right but only dabbles in the medium due to the strengths of his other talents. Video production, photography, web design, analytics, optimization, there is literally no limit to what Ed can do.  
Beyond his vast talents there is an even greater aspect to working with Ed and that is his character. I can honestly say that I have only met a handful of individuals in my lifetime that are on par with him. He is tremendously easy to work with and puts you at ease while dealing with mediums that are unfamiliar. Beyond that he is giving of himself and his time to a fault. He is incredibly honest in all matters, both personal and business. I have never met anyone as hard working, meticulous and intelligent. 
He is a pure joy to be around and I will be forever grateful for all of the work that he has done for me. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Ed I suggest that you jump at the chance. For obvious reasons he is in high demand and I am sure will stay that way for a very long time. ”

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