The Snappi
Product Packaging Design, Identity, Website Design and E-commerce, Marketing and Advertising for The Snappi
Client: Snap-a-Lot, inc.
I was brought in by Peru Meridian Studios and Snap-a-Lot, inc. to create the identity, the packaging, the web design for, as well as manage, the website for a new canvas snap cleaner tool called "The Snappi."
In regards to the identity, Snap-a-lot and Peru Meridian wanted a logo that reflected the watercraft nature of the tool: an image that expressed the cleaning and lubricating aspects of what The Snappi did with what market sector the tools was for.
The graphic below shows you the process of what went into arriving at the final approved logo.
Now that we had the main identity, the next challenge was the packaging design. It had to on several levels. First and foremost, the client wanted to package to visually jump off the rack in marine and boating supply stores. After studying the products in several boating stores and seeing the overwhelming sea of blue and green that defined the color schemes of most packages, the solutions was obvious. I created several designs with bright Orange as the main color which also complimented the blue of the product and logo.
The other part of this design challenge was to not get too fancy with the design so that it still appealed to the target consumer (white males 45-65 Years old, middle to upper middle class with a DIY mentality). This meant an approach that kept within the packaging norms they were used to: easy to read bold headlines and the standards of before and after demonstration.
package design
package design
Snappi directions
Snappi directions
While we were preparing the website for launch, we were also running ad campaigns in the major boating magazines. Plus we were running ads on Facebook, which we found to be  referring 1/4th of our sales. Snap-a-lot, Inc. also had booths at several major boating tradeshows where marketing collateral was distributed to further raise product awareness.
Before building the site, the client needed a consultation on which e-commerce solution would best suit their needs. I wrote for them a comparison report that spelled out the various pluses and minuses of top e-com solutions. The client took it under my advisement to go with Shopify, since it offered the best options for their one page marketing solution.
I easily created a theme for the website, making a design that was quick loading and lead-off with a client created marketing video. The video was a bit rough so I re-edited it slightly to fully utilize it in an hd frame and add other marketing elements.
The website performed beyond our expectations. Whereas most e-commerce sites have a sales conversion rate of 3-4% at best, was seeing a 14-20% conversion rate! Within 7 months of launch, Snap-a-Lot, Inc. sold six thousand of it's nine thousand stock units. With their product's next re-stocking, they'll be branching out to stores and specialty vendors, as well as moving the tool to be sold in the auto and truck detailing market.
Now that's a product success!
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