Sh*t Happens in a Campaign Pitch
THE TARGET: This is a campaign I pitched with an agency to their insurance company client, who specializes in condo insurance policies but found they lacked customer awareness of that specialty. Many condo owners wrongly assume that when accidents occur a condo association policy will cover the cost to repair damages inside their condo. This campaign was created to highlight this problem and the client's specialty coverage through fun wordplay and perilous images. 

THE CHALLENGE: The client was rather parsimonious, so I was constrained to only work with stock photos then use my photoshop wizardry to create the finished concepts. Unfortunately the insurance company thought the campaign was "too strong" for their customers.

Alas, that'll happen from time to time. Never the less, I enjoyed creating it. 

The first ad in the campaign. Intended to run in magazines and journals targeted to condo owners (upper income, suburbanites). The ads were to be in bold colors and so they would jump out from the rest of the rather mundane ads one sees in real estate related advertising.

OOH displays
I proposed bus shelter posters be displayed in areas where there were a high concentration of condos.
(Alternate teaser design on the right.)
Online Campaign
...of course there was an online campaign planned which targeted condo-related and lifestyle websites.
Other proposed ads in the campaign...
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