Burnett Advertising tasked me with working with American Benefits, Inc. to create an ad campaign to promote that they're one of the largest condominium insurers in Portland. The ads were to run in the September issue of The Pearl magazine, whose major buying demographic is mostly 35-55 yr. old female condo owners, located in the upscale Pearl district of Portland.
Right from the start we wanted to avoid the usual, tired scare tactics often found in insurance ads. Instead, I suggested we approach insurance as a form of empowerment over one's future. 
The visual analogy of a woman in a yoga warrior pose, who was practically touching her bright, sunny future "delighted" ABI (pardon the pun.), and fit the concept/target perfectly. 
Not only did I design the ad, I also created the retouched final image. Below are some of the source images used on the final. The final image required composing, extensive light creation, reflection/shadow creation and overall color adjustments.
The city images viewable from the window on the finish are also photos I shot of the Pearl district. 
I love when a client makes full use of my talents.
Client: Burnett Advertising/American Benefits, Inc.
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