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Web Design and Development: Responsive Web Design

The Need: Lifesize Entertainment wanted an update to their website that they could easily update and manage. Plus the site had to function on mobile browsers as well.

The Solution: Since they had a very limited budget, the best solution was to use Wordpress and make them a custom, responsive template which resizes based on browser window size. The project is still in development with a handheld app coming soon.

Lifesize Entertainment


I have been webmaster to Lifesize Entertainment since 2004. In the span of time, together we have created a variety of websites using a two main platforms: Joomla and Wordpress. This site runs on Wordpress and the templates were built around the HTML5 Boilerplate, CSS3 and Jquery.

Since this project is ongoing, Lifesize is making keep hush-hush on the extras that are coming, but stay tuned, they've got some fun things planned. Other sites made for Lifesize Entertainment:,, and

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