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When creating the new site, special care was taken to keep the SEO standards of the previous site which had very high, organic SERPs. Each dynamic content page retained the URL of the equivalent page on the former website.

The site functions on a database driven CMS, PHP, Javascript and the Bootstrap CSS Framework. However, much of the site required custom Jquery, CSS and PHP scripting.

The Need: RAND required a complete revamp of their outdated, troublesome to update flat file site. They wanted a site that could work across all devices and browsers and have the ability to be updated with relative ease. They also needed to maintain the great SEO ranking that the old site had in google search results.

The Solution: By working closely with RAND, I designed and developed the new site to run on the Concrete5 content management software. This allowed the former flat filed website's 200+ pages of content to be served up dynamically from a site cache. This assured fast page delivery. The site was built responsively with custom scripting to optimize image sizes and template stylings based on the device viewing the site. RAND's staff required training in the use of Concrete5, which I provided, so that they can create new pages/content for the site.

RAND Engineering
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Background: I have been working with Rand as their webmaster since 2009. I inherited the former site's design, but over time I was able to show my client the importance of good UI and the effectiveness of simple design standards.

The website also has a wordpress driven blog folded within it. This part of the website required a semi-responsive custom template.

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