Portland: Land of NSN (Non-stop Networking)

Portland: Land of NSN (Non-stop Networking)


I just looked at the time and realized that I’m missing out on yet another networking event to which I was invited. Client work once again supersedes the chance for a light lunch and a bit of friendly chit chat with some new faces.

I’ve been in this town going on for four years now, and honestly, I can’t figure out how there are so many networking events in Portland. Does anyone actually hold down a job in this town?  Or is Portland’s main source of employment some weird amalgam of a job fair and a happy hour? Oh wait… considering Portland’s unemployment rate (8-9%) and its love of beer, I think I just answered my own question.

But seriously, people tell me all the time, “…get out and network it’s how Portland operates.”

I’d love to. But, I’d also like to make sure I have a chance to get to the gym once in awhile, perhaps see my wife a bit, and also spend my working hours keeping clients happy. 

Long ago I accepted the fact that to be a creative means toiling away for extended hours and seeing few people. That was especially ironic while in NYC with its millions of people. But now in small town Portland, while everyone else seems to be floating en masse from one chat to another, I get the feeling that if one listened real hard to the pauses of conversation, the faint din of only my keyboard clacking away would be heard.

But that’s just solitude of a sole proprietor talking.

Portland, is there anyway we can just skype the next networking event? Or how about a Google+ hangout? OK…OK…I know that’s pushing it…


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