About Edward Flynn

So many hats and only one head!

Thanks to working in the New York City advertising and graphic design industry for nearly twenty years, I’ve learned to wear plenty of hats: Art Director, Pre-Press Production Manager, Digital Retoucher, and Videographer, to name just a few. On top of those, I also supply web design and development to clients.

In 2008, once the majority of my clients worked solely over the web with me, I moved my business west to Portland, Oregon.

Thankfully, my clients stuck with me on the move because they value the ease of working with me, my expertise and the willingness to go the extra mile to service their needs. Thanks to all my years of being in this business, there’ s also very little that I haven’t dealt with or haven’t a solution to.

Looking for help with your brand images, web or communication needs at an affordable price from a business that has the expertise? Then toss my name into your hat.


Clients (Past & Present)


  • “There are businesses that allow for human error. That have the time to review and reflect on an idea's execution. That communicate changes and adjustments in a single concise voice. I do not work in one of those businesses. I need confusing instructions executed immediately with no errors. And then I need it done again, and again, all day long, endlessly and relentlessly. The employees that deliver this curious and extraordinary quality to me I not only appreciate, but trust. I trust Ed Flynn. He is a perfect combination of open minded and absolutely focused, allowing a creative flow that is always enhancing the core essence of the final product.”

    —Jd Michaels,SVP Director Tactile Production + Creative Engineering, BBDO New York.

    “I have worked with Ed Flynn since the 90's. He has always been the consummate professional always on the cutting edge of trends and technology, never leaving the work undone even if he's had to work late hours. Ed always ensures he understands every detail and parameter of a project and more than often lends strategy and value added process towards a streamlined delivery. I would recommend Ed Flynn highly for graphic design and imaging efforts.”

    —Jose Andrade,Technology Director at Publicis Life Brands: Medicus

    • AT&T
    • BBDO-NY
    • Dark Sky Films
    • Fearsmag.com
    • Gillete
    • GE
    • IndieFilmChat.com
    • JP Morgan Chase
    • Lifesize Entertainment
    • Oxford Communications
    • RandPC
    • USPS
    • Unilever
    • Uniworld Group
    • USMC

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Edward Flynn, Brand imagery expert, Designer, Video Marketer, and Creative Technologist provides creative services for small to medium sized businesses.